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TASH Cosmetics (Owned by Tasha Guerrero-Castagna) partners with Actress, Scream Queen, Ms. Vampy, Life Coach, and Author, Brooke Lewis, to launch their 'Ms. Vampy Girl' Teen makeup line January 2017.

Following their 'Profess Your Hot Mess' makeup brand for women and, in conjunction with the release of Brooke's book Ms. Vampy's Teen Tawk: There's a Lotta Power In Ya Choices, the "Beauty Vamps" teamed up again to bring you the makeup line 'Ms. Vampy Girl'. To quote Brooke in her book, "I am a Vampiress from Brooklyn with a mission! My mission is to empower teen girls to be courageous, so they can make the right choices and find their own voice. " Ms. Vampy's Teen Tawk: There's a Lotta Power In Ya Choices is designed to inspire tween and teen girls, and address issues that girls face today, including body image, inner beauty, self-esteem, making powerful choices, dating and relationships, facing fears, following their dreams, and, most importantly, being themselves! TASH Cosmetics and Brooke Lewis are committed to encouraging teens to "feel good about themselves" and promoting beauty from the inside out, as expressed in their mission statement, "'Ms. Vampy Girl' empowers teens to embrace their inner beauty and enhance and express it on the outside!".

Ms. Vampy, is a lovable Vampiress from Brooklyn, with a personality as big as her hair. She wears pleather and fur and wouldn't be caught dead (so to speak) without makeup, hair spray and high heels! But there's much more to this sassy, straight-"tawking" character than meets the eye... This is a 100-year-old Vampiress with an attitude, an accent—and a mission.

"Life works in "vampylicious" ways! I dreamed of a Ms. Vampy makeup line for years and had been 'in talks' with a few companies, but nothing ever felt "right", nor came to fruition. Tash gifted me makeup to wear on a red carpet and I fell in love with her products! I have severe allergies, skin sensitivities and can easily break out (like many teens do!). TASH Cosmetics are natural, hypoallergenic, perfect for my skin and allowed me to choose the most amazing and fun eye and lip colors that teens will love! Plus, Tasha is my "Beauty Vamp" Sister, so I knew we were the perfect makeup match!" - Brooke Lewis

TASH Cosmetics makeup and skin care products are always freshly made to order, natural, hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, and made in the USA. TASH Cosmetics DOES NOT believe in animal testing. "We love our furry friends," states Tasha Guerrero-Castagna. TASH Cosmetics' mission is to create and provide healthy, natural alternatives for beautiful vibrant makeup and quality, effective skin care. Their products are made to last- A little bit goes a long way so you get a "better bang for your buck". They have a women's and men's line, cater to all age groups from "tweens" to "sexy seniors" and are proud to provide quality, luxurious products to everyone.

"Being that Brooke is an idol and mentor for teens, I thought it fitting to come up with a makeup line to coincide with her role. Her character, Ms. Vampy, inspires teens and builds self-confidence. Brooke is very inspirational and motivating and helps teens overcome their fears and self-image issues. She has a following that looks up to her, which is a huge responsibility on her part. So, together we created 'Ms. Vampy Girl' cosmetics line. We are all about Natural Skin Care and Cosmetics, looking great and feeling your best, without putting harsh chemicals on your face. We are exposed to elements and free radicals in the air every day. With so many worries and expectations in their daily lives, there is no reason for teens to have to worry about what's in their makeup or skin care products. We made it simple, beautiful and natural. Plus, when we were creating this line, one of the things she really wanted to do was give teens the option of CHOICE. Being a Mom myself, this really meshed well with my own personal beliefs and the mission of TASH Cosmetics." - Tasha Guerrero-Castagna

Together TASH Cosmetics and Brooke Lewis have created 'Ms. Vampy Girl', which consists of 'Night Bites': Batty Girl (Black), Diva Vamp (Smokey), Night Vamp (Grey/silver sparkle), Fang Girl (Pink crystal), Fly Girl (Red, Pink, Blue, Purple mix), Red Eye (Reddish) and Pink-A-Boo (Pearl pink) eye CHOICES with Purple Passion lip color, as well as 'Light Bites': Day Breaker (Pink coral), Day Vamp (Brownish), Fresh Vamp (Sparkle bronze), Vibrant Vamp (Dark pink ), Twilight (Deep green) and Pink-A-Boo (Pearl pink) eye CHOICES with Nothing But Skin (nude) lip color. And, for the teen who likes many "bites", they created the 'Hollywood Bites Set', which consists of 'Night Bites': Fly Girl, Fang Girl, Diva Vamp and Purple Passion lip and 'Light Bites': Day Vamp, Day Breaker, Fresh Vamp and Nothing But Skin lip color with Raspberry Ice and Icy Mauve lip gloss!

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